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Welcome to the Bat Removal Columbus Ohio blog! Brought to you by Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, our blog provides a unique opportunity to share news, updates, and issues about bats. If you’re wondering what you can expect from our blog, read on.

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Ohio Bat Issues

Bat Reproduction Strategies

Though bats have numerous fascinating traits, Columbus, Ohio bat reproduction strategies are certainly the most interesting, given the evolutionary advantage of some of these traits. Of the 963 species of bats around the world, only ten species of bats have made...

Ohio Bat Issues

Ohio Bat Maternity Season

The 2022 Ohio Bat maternity season has arrived, and it's a time in Ohio when female bats fly to various sites and often find their way into Columbus, Ohio attics. In one such invasion, a sizable group of pregnant females gathers in attics to raise their babies....

Ohio Bat Issues

Are You Allowed to Remove Bats?

Here, You Will Read to Determine the Answer to the Question, "Are You Allowed to Remove Bats?" Are you allowed to remove bats on your own? Bat removal in Ohio is a very complicated subject with Ohio being home to a dozen bat species, of which all are protected by...

Are You Allowed to Remove Bats like this Big Brown Bat?
Ohio Bat Issues

Remove Bats Mount Vernon, Ohio

Do you have bats in your attic? How about in your chimney? Maybe you have bats in your walls, shed, or somewhere else they don't belong? If any of these ring true, you need to contact Mount Vernon's top licensed, certified bat removal company: Bat Removal Columbus...

A big brown bat removal in progress in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

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