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If you have bats in your home or attic, you’re not alone. Countless people in Columbus and other regions of Central Ohio are experiencing the same issue. For this reason, people often ask: “how do I get bats out of my house? Rest assured, there is a way. The quickest and most effective option is always to call a licensed professional with years of experience handling bat removals and exclusions.

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Bats regularly invade Columbus residents’ homes. Why do they do this? In short, your home or attic is probably a great landing spot for bats. The most common Ohio bat species are notorious for taking shelter in people’s houses during the winter months. The answer to the question, “how do i get bats out of my house”: call a reputable bat removal service, straightaway. Call BRCO, the top Columbus bat removal and exclusion service now at (844) 544-9453!

What Are Bats Doing in There?

Bats want to use your home or attic to survive. Bats are looking for several things when they enter your home. They need easy access to food, an adequate temperature, and protection from potential predators. Unfortunately, our homes and attics fit the bill perfectly. You want to know, “how do I get bats out of my house?” The answer is to put that job in the hands of highly-trained professionals. Call BRCO today at (844) 544-9453 for top-tier bat removal service!

A big brown bat in a Columbus residence.

A big brown bat in a Columbus residence.

How Do I Remove Bats from My House?

Bat removal is a highly specialized service. It hinges on a combination of intuition and technology. The bat valve is a product of Barnes Wildlife Control which operates in Dayton and other regions in the Greater Miami Valley. This tool makes it easy for bats to escape your home without letting them get back in. We use this in combination with our decades of combined experience to quickly and safely remove bats from your home. If you’re looking to put a stop to a bat invasion, call BRCO today at (844) 544-9453!