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Bat Removal Columbus Ohio Explains The Bat Removal And Exclusion Process

Bats are resourceful enough to find numerous entry points into a home or building, so a professional inspection provides the expertise to locate every access point.  Since most bats can fit through holes as small as 1/4″, it is impossible to keep bats out without bat-proofing, i.e., finding all entry points into the building and repairing them.

Federal law protects many bats, which means no one can kill or harm a protected bat. That being the case, bat removal and exclusion need delicate handling during the removal process. We do not exterminate bats in our bat removal and exclusion process! Keep in mind bats are extremely important to Ohio’s ecosystem.

Excluding bats involves repairing a number of openings bats use to get into your Columbus, Ohio building, be it a home or commercial structure. But, we leave a few gaps available for our exclusion tubes like The Bat Valve, which you can see below. Bats can get out of an exclusion tube but they cannot get back in due to its unique construction. Using these tubes correctly takes years of experience with the bat removal and exclusion process. Our technicians have years of experience and the proper licensure to handle your bat removal and exclusion needs.

Photo: The Bat Removal Columbus Ohio crew use the versatile Bat Valve
Photo: The Bat Removal Columbus Ohio tech placed this Bat Valve in a corner of an eve
Photo: This Bat Removal Columbus Ohio tech installs a Bat Value at the ridge of a roof.
Photo: The Bat Removal Columbus Ohio crew place this Bat Valve on the side of a Gable Vent

All installed bat valves will remain on your building for at least a week before we do a follow-up inspection. Once we determine that we have removed all bats using our bat removal and exclusion process, we pull the Bat Valves and repair the area where we placed the Bat Valves. Bat Removal Columbus Ohio will seal all holes, cracks, and crevices with caulk, metal, or wood, which prevents bats from getting into your home again.

The Bat Removal Columbus Ohio crew has performed bat removal and exclusion countless times in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our team treats each job with the utmost care and urgency for you and your family’s safety. Call a member of our staff today at (844) 544-9453 to get rid of your bat problems for good!

Bat In The Attic Issues That We Confront On A Regular Basis At Bat Removal Columbus Ohio

Don’t be surprised if you find numerous bats snoozing in the attic of your Columbus Ohio home…we certainly never are.

Generally speaking, people don’t want to live with bats and may even try to get rid of them on their own. Just remember, ultrasonic deterrent devices, mothballs, or aerosol sprays do not work in the long-term. Our Bat Removal Columbus Ohio experts know that the only way to get rid of bats is to remove them from your home using the bat exclusion process outline above.There’s no need to panic; just give our Columbus Ohio pros a call at (844) 544-9453 and we’ll be there to help you solve your bat removal and exclusion issues ASAP!

Photo of Bats On The Interior Of An Attic Vent
A Close Up Of Photo of Bats On The Interior Of An Attic Vent
A Photo Of Bats In An Attic
Photo of Bats In Another area of the same attic.

Why Are There Bats in My Attic?

Above all, bats enter your home as a means to set up a shelter for themselves and their offspring. In the winter months especially, bats are on the lookout for a good hiding spot. Below is a list of things bats look for when seeking shelter:

  • Firstly, close access to food and water
  • Additionally, a secluded area away from predators (ourselves included)
  • Lastly, a moderate, livable temperature with ample humidity

Bat Removal Columbus Ohio has been handling home and business owners’ bat removal problems since its inception. Call Columbus, Ohio’s most qualified bat removal and exclusion specialists today at (844) 544-9453!

Watch Our YouTube Video On Bats And Bat Bugs In An Attic In Columbus Ohio

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Client Testimonial

 We could not be more appreciative of the professionalism and attention we received from David and Matt at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. He explained the process thoroughly, followed through on all of his promises, and assisted our homeowners insurance company to help complete the eviction and cleanup process. If you want your bat problem solved quickly and completely, then this is the company you hire. We tried (and failed) for many years to find the right wildlife removal With Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, you get exactly what you pay for. Thanks to David and Matt, we can sleep soundly knowing our home is safe and secured.

Mike Curtis

Gives Us A++ Rating

Client Testimonial

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is a quality company with wonderful employees. They were prompt, courteous, neat, and highly professional. When Collin and Matt arrived, we had an attic overrun with bats. They made the process of getting my old life back as painless as possible. Furthermore, they took every precaution to protect the bats while evicting them. I like bats, just not when they’re flying around my ceiling fan. These guys are the best of the best and I highly recommend them for all of your wildlife removal needs. I encourage anyone with bat problems to give Buckeye Wildlife Solutions a call right away!

Hailey Gonya

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