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Attic Cleanup And Sanitation

Attic cleanup and sanitation are necessary but daunting tasks for the people of Columbus. Be that as it may, we want our homes to stay free of bats. Sadly, nature tends to find ways into our homes. Fortunately, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is here for your attic cleanup and sanitation needs. Call our Columbus office today at (844) 544-9453 for expert cleanup service!

Results Like These Are No Miracle…It’s Know-How!

Attic Cleanup And Sanitation collage photo of attic before and after

Why Choose Buckeye Wildlife Solutions For Attic Cleanup And Sanitation?

For many people, the main obstacles for doing these attic cleanup and sanitation jobs are a lack of experience and the volume of work. Therefore, a company like Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is a great alternative. We offer our time and expertise to make life easier for you. In addition, here are some of the things that make us the most qualified candidate for your attic cleanup and sanitation job:

  • Plenty of experience in handling cleanup jobs of all sizes
  • Knowledge of all steps and precautions
  • Above all, a reputation for excellent service

Our attic cleanup and sanitation team is qualified to handle even the most involved cleanup jobs you can throw at us. Call (844) 544-9453 today and have your attic fixed up in no time!

What Is an Attic Cleanup and Sanitation Job?

Firstly, attic cleanup and sanitation involve removing bat guano. Second, we remove contaminated material from your attic. Then, we make repairs where they are needed. In some cases, spot cleaning is enough to restore an attic to its former state. In other cases, animals will mangle your insulation, vents, walls, and other structural elements that require further work. The sanitation process can prove just as labor-intensive.

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Before And After
An Attic Cleanup and Sanitation Job Done Well

attic cleanup and sanitation photo of guano in a customers attic
attic cleanup and sanitation photo of guano in a customers attic

First we remove all bat droppings and damaged materials from the attic. Afterwards, we sanitize the entire area to remove bacteria and eliminate odors. Because of this, you and your family will be protected from the many diseases harbored in animal waste. Follow this link to read more about the types of diseases which live in bat and animal waste.

Attic cleanup and sanitation are dirty and sometimes dangerous jobs but are necessary, nonetheless. Not everyone is equipped to handle this job, and even fewer know how. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions has seen it all. Fortunately, our work prepares us for everything you can throw at us! Call (844) 544-9453 now and talk to a knowledgeable member of our team!

Client Testimonial

We could not be more appreciative of the professionalism and attention we received from David and Matt at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. He explained the process thoroughly, followed through on all of his promises, and assisted our homeowners insurance company to help complete the eviction and cleanup process. If you want your bat problem solved quickly and completely, then this is the company you hire. We tried (and failed) for many years to find the right wildlife removal With Buckeye Wildlife Solutions, you get exactly what you pay for. Thanks to David and Matt, we can sleep soundly knowing our home is safe and secured.

Mike Curtis

Gives Us A++ Rating

Client Testimonial

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions is a quality company with wonderful employees. They were prompt, courteous, neat, and highly professional. When Collin and Matt arrived, we had an attic overrun with bats. They made the process of getting my old life back as painless as possible. Furthermore, they took every precaution to protect the bats while evicting them. I like bats, just not when they’re flying around my ceiling fan. These guys are the best of the best and I highly recommend them for all of your wildlife removal needs. I encourage anyone with bat problems to give Buckeye Wildlife Solutions a call right away!

Hailey Gonya

Would Hire Us Again 100%

An Attic Cleanup and Sanitation Company You Can Trust

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